Building Professionals Team

Diploma Courses

NakshatraIT provide a series of certification programs that are oriented toward specific technologies based on Microsoft, Cisco, Linux and other security products. Our intention is to establish that an individual holding a certification is technically qualified to hold certain types of position within the field.

Training v/s Standard Syllabus

Our purpose is to make you professional not just based on designed course parameter but also guide you on additional topics relates to your course. That's way we always update the training structure based on recent technology and industry standard. We also bring different mode of growing your knowledge with technology blogs, forms and articles.

Certification Roles & Responsibility

Diploma in CIO enables you to work as infrastructure engineer capable to work in different setup of companies and have ability to optimize the network, securtty, different platform of operating systems.

Diploma in CSAD enables you to work as developer that able to complete the requirement of implement and development of webpages, solution support depends on different infrastructure system environment.